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GBO2 Finally ν Gundam is implemented! Introducing the impression that I actually got on ([Drop] limited weapon bazooka equipment)!

Source: Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 © SOTSU ・ SUNRISE

Armed / Skills

Cost 700 Rarity ☆ 4 new era MS, ν Gundam!

Although it is quite a huge body, it is quick to turn and walk and is agile.

The main weapon is a beam (grenade is an omit), and normally a beam mazingan type (like Gelgoog J).
It is a specification that increases the range and power with a full charge. The limited weapon bazooka is powerful.
Since the uncharged beam has a short range of 250, a bazooka with a long range of CT 6 seconds is easier to stagger.
The normal shooting of the beam staggers with 20% * 5 accumulated, and changes to 80% when charged. (80% for bazooka)

Saber is also powerful. N fighting swings the saber sideways, but it is safe because it hits the MS that is down.
Down fighting is a movement similar to the Z Gundam system.

The iconic weapon, Head Balkan, staggers with 6% * 17 shots. It is a Balkan similar to GP02MLRS.

Balkans work well with funnels that can be used during maneuvers, although other secondary weapons are also excellent.
Shield beam staggers immediately (10%), shield missile staggers 3 shots (probably 35%)

The shield also has enough defensive power with HP6000.

Fin Funnel

Speaking of ν Gundam, it is this fin funnel. Both can be locked on and activated while moving at high speed.
This is something that funnels and incoms have never been able to do.
Normally, funnel armament cannot be activated unless you are walking.

The shape of the custom parts can be considered like this, but I felt that the legs were easily damaged because they were huge and there was no cushioning material for the legs.

If you attach the caspa on the legs, you will inevitably not be able to attach high-level protective parts, which will also reduce durability. This is one issue.

Impressions of riding

It’s like adding excellent secondary weapons to a federal general-purpose machine. Since there are many weapons, it is easy to create a chance of staggering, and it can be said that it is a highly strategic MS with barriers.

The barrier is a good weapon, but it breaks instantly when attacked by a support aircraft or multiple MSs. Personally, I had the image of a “weapon that can be used as a maneuver armor.”

I’m looking forward to playing against Sotheby!

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