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I was consulted by Mr. Dominique.
About GBO2 discrimination against foreigners.


Good evening, nice to meet you. My name is Dominic.
Sometimes I want to find and consult a video of rate discrimination.

It may be unpleasant regardless of GBO, so you can ignore it.

I am a German Japanese quarter. As a child, I will be absorbed in Japanese animation and will be able to speak Japanese.

When playing GBO, foreigners often see the word 〇〇. When there was a lobby chat function, was it a foreigner or a German? Recently, I often see discriminatory remarks just by searching for information on new aircraft on SNS.

But we love GBO. There is also a circle.
I have a desire to continue having fun, but I’m wondering if I will quit if there are so many discriminatory remarks.

Of course, I understand that I criticize improper manners.
However, there is resentment in the criticism of the reason because of race.
Certainly we also feel that the level is low.
Some people have problems with manners.
But I think it exists in the same proportion everywhere in the world.

Regarding technology, it is a game that has never existed before, and I think that the cause is that the Wiki has a serious lack of information depending on the language area.
Since regional matching is prioritized depending on the basic IP address, areas with similar technology and less information collide, the rate rises, and matching with the Japanese area when each other’s population is small is the difference in technology at the same rate. I think it will be connected.

I only use chat to apologize for misfiring.
My circlemates also enjoy playing, but I rarely use chat. The English translation is also inappropriate and almost unusable. Also, we are in Europe. Neither America nor China.

However, there are many unreasonable discriminatory remarks, and I just can’t enjoy playing the game. I’m worried about something discriminatory there.
I saw a lot of discriminatory remarks today due to the change in chat specifications after the match.

We love this game.
But if it’s annoying for us to play, should we stop?

I’m sorry for the long sentence.
I’m sorry in Japanese.


The first thing I want to say is that you don’t have to stop!
Let’s enjoy GBO2 together.

About SNS twitter

Please do not take the discriminatory remarks you see on twitter as the opinions of all Japanese people.
For example, see ONDOREYASU. Arguably the most popular GBO2 player, I think the majority of “GBO2 players and twitter users” are following.

Its followers are about 85,000. GBO2 is 4 million DL. The percentage of people who do both GBO2 and twitter may not be so high when looking at GBO2 as a whole.

There are many GBO2 players who are not doing twitter.
I think there are many people who don’t feel bad about overseas players.

About manners

I have friends and acquaintances from overseas, but they are good manners players. (And a good player!)
In this way, there are many people who play well regardless of country.

As Dominique says, there are people in every country who have problems with manners.
There are dangerous people in every country!

About technique

It is the same in every country that there are differences in techniques.
However, in Japan, the player population is large, and know-how can be obtained in Japanese such as wikipedia and YouTube, so it is easy to improve.

However, there are many good players other than Japanese.
It seems that manners and techniques are more pervasive than before.

Other issues, lag

One problem is the lag when playing.
Lag is likely to occur between overseas and Japan depending on the positional relationship and line conditions.
This is, to be honest, stressful.

However, this issue is not guilty to the player.
The management has decided. Poor management!

If you can ask, I would be grateful if you could review the line status.
Make it a wired environment rather than wireless (Wi-Fi).
Wired Ethernet service is recommended.
Wireless or Wi-Fi internet services are not recommended as they are prone to lag.

Players with good manners and enjoying GBO2 are welcome.
Let’s enjoy GBO2 together!

If possible, try to connect with people from various countries.
No one is bad about friends, acquaintances and family.

GBO2 is a game of war.
But I think games are fun. You don’t have to go to war for games.
Nationality, politics, and gender are irrelevant.
Everyone is a companion who is playing GBO2.

Let’s have fun!


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