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Batoope 2 New model [Proto Stark Jegan] is installed. I will explain how to use it. I couldn’t close this time, so I will deliver it based on the reviews and provided images of S-Friends!

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Source:Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2) ©SOTSU ・ SUNRISE


Speaking of “Stark Jegan”, the battle in which an unnamed pilot fights with KSHATRIYA at Gundam UC is quite famous!

This aircraft is the Proto Stark JEGAN added this time. It is literally a prototype aircraft, and it seems that this derivative MS fought a deadly battle at UC.


A terrestrial space support aircraft with a cost of 500. There is space suitability, and in space a high-performance balancer is also granted.
HP is high. It is a merit that it has high bullet resistance and vibration resistance.

The characteristic is this large missile on the shoulder. Since it is armed, there is no hit judgment like the Pallas Athena missile. 1500 * 4 shots are quite a firepower!
It is not an easy-to-use armament because it switches slowly, but it has a large blast and is a feature of this machine, so it is an armament that you want to actively use. Quick loader operation is likely to be one of the options.

It seems that the main weapon has BR, which is the same as general-purpose JEGAN, and Bazooka, a gacha weapon.

In addition, the smoke grenade is a new type of armament that puts you in a stealth state by touching the smoke screen that was thrown. (Smoke discharger should do the same, right?)
Since the damage source is the main weapon, large missile, and grenade, it may not be an easy-to-use aircraft, but it is an interesting aircraft with new attempts!

Although the CT is as long as 7 seconds, it has a high single-fire power of 2500, and if you hit it for general purposes, you can expect damage in the latter half of 3000! (The range is as short as 300, and it has advantages and disadvantages with BR. It seems to affect the operation and engagement distance.)


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