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バトオペ2 3周年

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 (GBO2) is celebrating its 3rd anniversary!

Source:Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2) ©SOTSU ・ SUNRISE

1st anniversary highlight

39 tokens distributed!
GM Custom has appeared as a GP01 and GP02 limited mission aircraft as an anniversary aircraft!
After that, GP01Fb, a space-only MS, was added. It’s still an active mobile suit! If cost550.

2nd anniversary highlight

39 tokens distributed twice! (Distribution of 78 tokens in total!)
This was amazing!

ZZ Gundam has been added as an anniversary MS, and GAZA-C has been added as a limited mission MS! QUBELEY came after ZZ.
But then TODESRITTER and THE-O came. They are strong MS in cost650.
Nobody uses ZZ or QUBELEY …
Therefore, there is a jinx that “Anniversary MS is unfavorable” …

What is the highlight of the 3rd anniversary?

The most worrisome is the 3rd anniversary MS!
As many people expect, ν Gundam will come first.
Then SAZABI will come!

Will 39 tokens be distributed 3 times !?
Limited mission MS !?
I’m really looking forward to it!

Anniversary Gacha

There are various types of Supply drop (Gacha) for the anniversary. The most recommended is the confirmed MS gacha.
バトオペ2 3周年ガチャについて

Please see this video about the armed forecast of ν Gundam and SAZABI.
バトオペ2 νガンダム サザビー

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